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Welcome to The Anglican Parish of Kars-Osgoode ~ Anglican Diocese of Ottawa

We are:
         a warm and welcoming faith community
         learning and growing together
         exploring fresh understandings of the Church in todayís world
         creating meaningful worship
         searching for wholeness rather than perfection
         experiencing Godís love and reaching out to others 

We invite you to join us as we gather each week to connect, learn and grow. We challenge ourselves to open our minds and our hearts; to truly listen to God and to one another; to be mindful of the needs of others, to be creative in our efforts to strive for social justice to meet the needs of the world beyond our doors and to care for the gift of our natural environment. 

We are finding joy and blessing in our journey and we invite you to experience it with us.

Grace and Peace to you,
The Rev. Carolyn Seabrook+

The Parish of Kars-Osgoode is praying this prayer with other parishes throughout the Diocese of Ottawa. We are ready to embrace Godís future and we hope youíll come help us live this prayer and Ďbeí the Church that Godís world needs today.

Our mission statement: 
"We are called to do the work of God: preach the gospel, teach the faith, nurture the vulnerable, bind up the wounded and pray always. Our mission is to witness to God's amazing grace and unconditional love for everybody."

For enquiries please contact us.

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   1030am Sundays

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